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Pleasure's Foehn, 1st in the f/m MilSF erotic romance "WindVerse" series by Charlotte Boyett-Compo, is free for the next 2 weeks, courtesy of.

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The collection provides both "how to" interview guides and examples of current research in sections covering basic methodology and rationale; the myriad uses of women's oral history; and discoveries and insights gained from oral history applications. The essays raise thought-provoking questions, glean original insights about the lives of women and the practice of history, and call for women to write and record their own histories.

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Women's Oral History: The "Frontiers" Reader is an essential guide to the practice of gathering and interpreting women's oral accounts of their lives. Oral history quickly emerged as a vital and necessary tool for documenting the lives and experiences of women, who rarely recorded it for themselves? Standard models of practicing oral history, however, were inadequate to the job of organizing and interpreting women's lives, and new models that addressed the distinctiveness of the lives of women?

As one of the earliest journals devoted to feminist scholarship in the United States, Frontiers: A Journal of Women Studies was in the vanguard of the emerging field of women's oral history when it published its first landmark issue on the subject in Three subsequent issues exploring the evolving field has secured Frontiers' reputation at the forefront of women's oral history.

Her poetry is humanely sublime, and her stories make you feel like a character in her book.

For a taste of her fiction, try The House on Mango Street , vignettes of a young girl growing up in the urban side of Chicago. Backlist : Mariah K. I admit a huge bias here: Young is the winner of the very first James D.

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California love 4eva! South America Isabel Allende is my ultimate favorite in this category, someone whose books I pick up and read, and read, and read again. Laura Esquivel Like Water for Chocolate comes in a very close second.

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As you do. Little Sara, sweet young Catholic schoolgirl, eats birds.

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She sees live birds, in cages, and devours them, whole and still tweeting. And wow. A writer herself, Ifemelu shares in lol detail her observances of the peculiarities of Africans and African Americans and their interactions, customs and airs. Americanah is a page turner, a critique of culture clashes and a modern day trans-continental love story. We Need New Names is narrated by Darling, a young girl in a shantytown in Zimbabwe, who watched as her community was bulldozed, the men and teachers all leaving for better jobs and lives in South Africa, the women staying at home under tin-plated-roofs to scrape for food and watch the children, all in the name of revolution.

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Darling and her friends—including Bastard, Godknows, and 11 year old, pregnant by her grandfather Chipo—spend their days stealing fruit from the neighborhoods with mansions, avoiding all adults, and preening for the cameras when the well-intentioned folks from NGO come to snap pictures of native Africans living in the bush for the folks back in the states.

So her words and the writing is blunt, to the point, and bleak. But these children do grow up, and must figure out what to do with their fractured lives.

Explore Ghana, London and New York through the stories of the Sai family, whose patriarch, Kweku Sai—world renowned for his surgeon skills, not as well loved by his own family— has just died. The family comes together to mourn, and everyone has stories, secrets and love to share.

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It is just breathtaking and heartbreaking and makes me think of cool, dark rooms and people escaping from hot, sultry summers. Bonus, you get to learn a bit about the civil war, through characters you really care about.

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So, a personal thanks to Keryn from me, and a groan from my TBR list, which is now just totally out of control. The fact that it sounds like or could be a YA-ish collection just made me want it all the more. To get a glimpse of the history of Australia through its citizens, Keryn suggested an historical fiction from Kate Grenville: The Secret River.