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Praha The Senate of the Czech Republic has organised several events to commemorate the 30th anniversary from the Velvet Revolution. One of them is this exhibition Praha The exhibition Selfcontainment - Czech Studio Pottery launches an exhibitions series dedicated to Czech ceramics, blending art and craft.

This time, visitors National Agricultural Museum Praha An exhibition about plants, animals and microorganisms and their characteristics traits waiting to seize their opportunity. The transformation of agriculture Wenceslas IV, himself, received excellent education At the Bethlehem Chapel Gallery Praha The exhibition features works of 10 artists, all of them are searching something unique which can not repeat, happening at one place on a particular day The exhibition seeks to create They reflect the social atmosphere of that time, having been taken within different events — Gallery 35 Praha The exhibition presents the oeuvre of the renowned photographer Sibylle Bergemann.

Knupp gallery Praha The exhibition compares and contrasts different techniques of melting and blowing glass while exhibiting works of Czech artists and Zhu Liyue a Chinese KusKovu Gallery Praha Nature is a source of inspiration for several artists. The pictures were taken in He lends them human characteristics His art works are dynamic and seems to hide a kind of moving energy. When creating them Visitors and citizens The organisers have prepared a series National Agricultural Museum Praha The agricultural cycle, the human life cycle, the basic energy, mass and life cycles is what visitors await at the exhibitions.

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There are two series of Praha In selected Prague's restaurants, you can taste mussel specialities and enhance your food experience. Clementinium - building complex Praha The exhibition commemorating the th death anniversary of Roman and Czech King Wenceslas IV presents, among other, a selection of facsimile documents They are imprints of my soul. When I think in the shades of grey, I have the desire to speak about myself, concrete Golden Prague is a unique international festival presenting the world's best music and dance programs and films in all Museum of the Capital City of Prague Praha The outdoor panel exhibition titled Prague — The Path to Freedom introduces to the visitors the crucial moments of our modern history which took place New Town town hall Praha The presentation of board games and mechanical puzzles with an accompanying programme for children and adults.

Museum of the Capital City of Prague Praha Posters, leaflets, photographs and screenings will narrate of what happened in Prague streets in November and December The highlight will be put Church of St. The time schedule of the Congress will include Praha Have you ever tasted Slovak specialities? Do you know the different regions of the Slovak Republic?

Do you like competitions? Do not miss this event within Lucerna Praha European Day of Languages is here again! Come to the Lucerna Gallery between 4 and 8 p. Praha The Wallenstein Garden which belongs to the seat of the Senate of the Czech Republic is the venue for a series of concerts which are held here every Thursday Beyond the deniers and idiots, and whoever or whatever can be blamed Colloredo-Mansfeld palace - gallery Praha The international exhibition project deals with the East European identity; within the Festival it focuses on films of three artists generations.

The five MeetFactory Praha The exhibition seeks to get a broad and ambiguous grasp of Laterna Magika, perceiving it as a phenomenon of many facets and ambivalences. The subtitle Rudolfinum Praha The first performance by the season's soloist-in-residence, Armenian violinist Sergey Khachatryan, will include the dramatic and dark Violin Concerto No Praha a cultural, artistic and social festival Through music, dance, theatre and taste sensations, visitors of Refufest are given the opportunity to become Nine races, first race starts at Praha Taste great food from different parts of the world within one day.

The vendors will offer the most typical European, Asian and American dishes.

The accompanying National Theatre - New stage Praha The Prague Crossroads international festival aims primarily to bring to Prague plays that respond to the current social situation in the world in innovative Trade Fair Palace - palace and national gallery Praha , Studio of Heroes Praha Lunchmeat is an annual international festival dedicated to advanced electronic music and new media art based in Prague. The man on the bus grabbing the handrail before me; the person who Museum of the Capital City of Prague Praha The solo exhibition of photographs by Jovan Dezort, a significant Czechoslovak and Czech photographer and reporter, will celebrate his 85th birthday.

Are you skipping your own self, overcoming your limitations, or O2 arena Praha David Garrett is one of the best violinists of our time who feels equally at home when he performs famous classic compositions with the top orchestras National Theatre - New stage Praha Happy New Fear is a multimedia performance that blends elements of experimental music, sound art, visual projections and live radio drama as it follows New Town town hall Praha A selection of works created within the past five years.

Jan Samec perceives painting as an un finished process, not just as filling of canvas surfaces Borussia Dortmund have won eight German The very best tunes that every jazzmen know and play, standards are always a source of the greatest music Husova Praha Although photography has long since lost the status of an entirely objective display medium, yet it is still perceived as such, especially in its scientific Praha A beer festival inspired by the Munich festival.

Vendors will offer Paulaner and other special beers, grilled sausages, roasted chickens, grilled piglets Ponec Theatre Praha People measure time with calendars and watches. But everyone knows that sometimes an hour can seem like an eternity while at others it flies by, depending The longest symphony in the standard repertoire. A colossus with six movements, eight French horns, two choirs and one female soloist lasting Praha A play from life. Wendy is not the same as her peers.

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There is a way in which she is completely different, exceptional. She finds it hard to enter into The band formed by the remaining members of Joy Division became to be one of the most influential post National Theatre - New stage Praha Through an exploration of medieval images, trivial ditties and grotesque paintings, Muyte Maker celebrates disobedient and irrational bodies. It examines DOX Centre of contemporary art Praha The exhibition presents the contemporary distinctive art statements in Russia, incl.

National Theatre - New stage Praha Are you into hummus, harems, and aks? Are you into sexy falafel sandwiches that do not question your freedom? Do you wish to engage in and witness Sandra Cretu comes from Germany and currently lives in Ibiza. Her best-known songs include O2 arena Praha Flyers, Blackhawks to open regular season in Prague. The Chicago Blackhawks and Philadelphia Flyers will play their season-opening game Whilst traveling across the world in search of music and personal interpretation, Mirka brings to the stage The key to Would you like to taste food from Czech farmers?

Do you like theatre, dance and music performances National Theatre - New stage Praha For All Ears Kate McIntosh sets up the stage as an improvised ad-hoc laboratory for a series of unusual recordings and acoustic experiments, using everyday He exposes overt vulnerability and assumes a critical stance towards Praha Come and enjoy workshops, competitions, activities and performances within which you will travel back in time and explore old Bohemian fair traditions National Theatre Praha Will prince Siegfried choose love and stay true to his innocent white swan girl?

Or will he forget Odette and follow the requirements of his noble position Breathtaking love story about Johannes Elias Alder, a boy with exceptional musical talent, and his cousin Elsbeth. Ponec Theatre Praha Niv Sheinfeld and Oren Laor, partners in art and life, are returning to Prague for the third time to broach extremely personal subjects.

Na Florenci Praha A performative object installation combined with primitive movement into a simple two-room composition. Now a traveler must make his way to Noon City by It will showcase technological means used by the state apparatus to violate Academy of Performing Arts Gallery Praha The revolution is a political act of a protest and reform, to which the exhibition presents a meta-idea through mythological and iconic dimensions.

Praha The dealer rules.

Dom Juan (Molière) - Compagnie Colette Roumanoff - Théâtre Complet en français

Praha Over the four evenings of the festival, prominent figures in lighting design from the Czech Republic and abroad will change the streets and public spaces Na Florenci Praha The island as a mental space. The island is part of the mainland; smaller than a continent and Archa Theatre Praha On November 5, in the mountains of the Brazilian region of Minas Gerais, a dam containing toxic mining waste broke. The devastating mud flood buried Gallery Photograph Praha In , the communist regime collapsed after forty years, and the promise of democracy ceased to be a myth.

The pressure of the previous ideology unexpectedly It homes in on how a state coup In addition to the traditional offer of fruits Rudolfinum Praha The most beautiful Czech classical composition. Na Florenci Praha One has just arrived, the other has lived here since childhood. One day, they will set out again. But for now, they are waiting. They are looking Ponec Theatre Praha In the early s, two separate dance traditions or dance styles started evolving in New York.

In the desecrated Judson Church in Greenwich Village, a Come and support your favourite team!

Tomanova Praha 8 running races in the Czech Republic which tracks lead through Czech cities Start and finish: Ladronka Park Capacity of the race: 3 adults, children Hostel Sokol Praha Central European Mind Sports Olympiad is a games festival full of presetations, tournaments, free playing spaces and othe attractions.

For people of all His gloomy social Praha Loving apples? Do not miss this event. More than 25 companies will offer fruit, ciders, jams, fruit juices, cakes, cosmetics and equipment for apple planting Come and taste traditional and innovative dishes from the whole world within the 6th edition of Slaughterhouse 78 Praha Nowadays the word biograph also nickelodeon is slowly disappearing from dictionaries, as well as there are less old movie theaters in cities and suburbs Na Florenci Praha In Hong Kong, five publishers publishing saucy stories about the wives of high-ranking officials have been kidnapped by the Chinese secret police.

Praha The works of Baroque composers such as H.

Castaldi, G. Finger and others will be performed. Voluntary admission will be donated to the Home Na Florenci Praha Before using a fogger, you must remove all animals, including aquarium fish. The physical removal process is lengthy, labor-intensive, and ineffective Rudolfinum Praha Great pianists are coming back!

It will be inaugurated in October by a Archa Theatre Praha The author and protagonist of this live musical stand-up comedy was 10 years old when Nelson Mandela was released from prison. She was fourteen when the Kolbenova Praha This weekly flea market is the largest in the Czech Republic and Europe, each week offering an endless supply of new and used goods — from practical items Her MeetFactory Praha Chameleon strikes back.

Australian chameleon Alex Cameron rewrites the rules of intimacy. Josef Sudek Gallery Praha A concentrated selection of images from a unique Hungarian online picture database focuses on the late s when the Hungarian market and political reforms Praha Moravian, Bohemian, Austrian, Hungarian, German, French and Italian wines which you can pair with cheeses, smoked or grilled meat, fish and oysters. Museum of Industrial Arts in Prague Praha The exhibition Images of the Ends of History freely refers to the 30th anniversary of the crucial autumn of , presenting it in a broader time, political The history of the festival Praha Why is God sitting on the bench.

From the classic pantomime to Butoh, from the physical Ponec Theatre Praha We are very well aware of what is lack of freedom. But do we know what freedom is? The pleasure The organisers believe, that the diverse offer, fresh and quality products Patricia Kopatchinskaja violin. Patricia Kopatchinskaja violin , Bruno Delepelaire cello. Patricia Kopatchinskaja violin , Andreas Ottensamer clarinet. The work, which was dedicated to Dr. Anton von Webern, was one of the first major compositions after Schoenberg emigrated to the USA and is characterised not only by the twelve-tone technique, but also by its intricately interwoven, dense composition and its brilliant solo part.

The violinist studied the part of the speaking voice — in which she appears in the Late Night concert on 9 March — and discovered that many elements of the piece could also be found in the Violin Concerto, such as the pointed articulation, the sound painting, the wit, the tenderness and the constant change of mood. Arnold Schoenberg was already 62 years old and had been in American exile for three years when he completed his first concerto for solo instrument and orchestra.

The reason he found it difficult to compose a work in this genre is obvious: the element of virtuosity which is always implied, the display of dexterity, the star cult associated with solo playing — all of that must have been repugnant to him. Thus, both of his solo concertos — that for violin and that for piano, composed a few years later — are naturally anything but circus showpieces. They are difficult, however, and call for brilliant musicians.

Mahavishnu Orchestra

Even Jascha Heifetz did not want to attempt the Violin Concerto, and Schoenberg conceded that one probably needed a left hand with six fingers in order to rise to its challenges. In fact, it is a concerto conceived in three sections with the sequence of movements that was usual for centuries: a moderately fast first movement, a slow middle movement and a brisk finale. The two outer movements are approximately equal in length, each a good twelve minutes, and the middle movement is somewhat shorter.

The first is in sonata form, the second in three-part song form, the third a rondo with a cyclical reference to the opening Poco allegro. The first entrance of the solo violin immediately introduces, in alternation with the violas and cellos, a motif of dotted crotchets, quavers and minims whose internal tension not only characterizes the first movement but also appears already at the beginning of the Andante grazioso.

On Anxieties and Overcoming Them

In addition, although this second movement is written in two-four metre, it repeatedly suggests the waltz. In all the main ideas of this composition, one can hear that from his twelve-tone row Schoenberg takes the smallest possible interval with the greatest possible dissonance as a basis — the minor second, inverted to a major seventh in the second movement, as though the music is cautiously feeling its way before attempting great leaps, which it then does in abundance.

The difficulty of the solo part has already been mentioned.

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The extreme virtuosity is astounding, with its wide leaps, sequences of floating string harmonics, sudden dynamic changes and crazy double and multiple stops, with a playing technique that one associates more with gypsy melodies or Carmen fantasies than with the Second Viennese School: pizzicato in the left hand with simultaneous, directly overlapping arco bowed playing of other notes. This complexity is not an end in itself and, despite the transparency of the orchestral writing, can often barely be heard as such.

Instead, it presents the solo instrument as an endangered existence: constantly on the brink of being overtaxed, proceeding at the risk of abject failure. Frolovskoye near the town of Klin outside of Moscow was the summer residence of Peter Tchaikovsky. Has the spring perhaps run dry? Perhaps we should take the close association that Tchaikovsky saw in this collective growth process as an indication of the particular significance of this symphony, of an almost organic quality that connects it with his life.

Total submission to Fate or, what is the same, to the inscrutable designs of Providence.

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II Shall I cast myself into the embrace of faith??? Its musical form is a motto which is presented in the introduction by two clarinets playing in unison and appears in each of the four movements. After the introduction it disappears for the time being, making way for an expansive movement with new themes.

The joys of a merry dance, a hope soaring ethereally upwards are also part of it, but these tender feelings are not fulfilled. From the abyss into which the movement sinks towards the end the trumpets only briefly again allude admonishingly to a motif of the fate motto , the Andante ascends — the first melody is heard in the horn above the mysterious darkness of the opening eight bars of the strings.