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Web Figure The diagram in the upper right of each frame shows the area of the coleoptile being measured by a fiber-optic probe.

UV-B Light Sensing Mechanism Discovered In Plant Roots

A cross section of the tissue appears at the bottom of each frame. The trace above it shows the amount of light sensed by the probe at each point. A sensing mechanism that depended on light gradients would sense the difference in the amount of light between the lighted and shaded sides of the coleoptile, and this information would be transduced into an unequal auxin concentration and bending.

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Plants utilize light not only for photosynthesis but also as environmental signals. They are capable of perceiving wavelength, intensity, direction, duration, and other attributes of light to perform appropriate physiological and developmental changes.

Can Colored Lights Affect How Plants Grow?

This volume presents overviews of and the latest findings in many of the interconnected aspects of plant photomorphogenesis, including photoreceptors phytochromes, cryptochromes, and phototropins , signal transduction, photoperiodism, and circadian rhythms, in 42 chapters. Also included, is a prologue by Prof.

Masaki Furuya that gives an overview of the historical background. With contributions from preeminent researchers in specific subjects from around the world, this book will be a valuable source for a range of scientists from undergraduate to professional levels.

Plants in Space!

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