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Mobile WiMAX. Sassan Ahmadi. Ronald Sass. Network Processors.

3G Evolution: HSPA and LTE for Mobile Broadband

Ran Giladi. Leonhard Korowajczuk. Sean Wilkins. Computers as Components.

天瓏網路書店-3G Evolution: HSPA and LTE for Mobile Broadband, 2/e

Marilyn Wolf. QOS-Enabled Networks. Miguel Barreiros. Computer Architecture.

Impact of the HSPDA-Based Mobile Broadband Access on the Investment of the 3G Access Network

John L. Wendell Odom. Eldad Perahia. CUDA Programming. Shane Cook. Scalable VoIP Mobility. Joseph Epstein. Eric A. Anthony Sequeira. Networking Essentials. Jeffrey S. Connecting Networks Companion Guide. Cisco Networking Academy. IP Specialist. Russ White. Memory Systems. Bruce Jacob. Overview of Industrial Process Automation. Tim Szigeti. Hung-Yu Wei. Cellular Technologies for Emerging Markets. Ajay R. The Art of Invisibility. Kevin Mitnick. Ayman ElNashar.

Advanced Industrial Control Technology. Peng Zhang. DIY Satellite Platforms.

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Sandy Antunes. Adidas Wilson. Amitabha Ghosh. Building iPhone and iPad Electronic Projects. Mike Westerfield. Robert Oshana. Joseph J. Peter Wilson.

Paul Illman. Jack L. Afif Osseiran. Vehicle Safety Communications. Tao Zhang. Shahid Mumtaz. Daniel Minoli. Stefan M. Hassan Gomaa. Kevin Wallace. Daniel M. Jerry R. Toby Sauer. Sound Systems Suggestions. Owen Jones. Mobile Backhaul. Juha Salmelin. Cognitive Radio Communications and Networks. Alexander M. Video Coding for Mobile Communications. Mohammed Al-Mualla. Gregory Ruetsch. Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks. Carlos de Morais Cordeiro. Guowang Miao. LTE Signaling with Diameter. Travis Russell. Building Service-Aware Networks. Muhammad Afaq Khan.

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Spectrum Management. Martin Cave. Binary Numbers.

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  8. Su TP. Programming Massively Parallel Processors. David B. Principles of Wireless Access and Localization. I was hoping it would go into much marketing and future exploration of what the benefits of 3G or even 4G mobile technology would do for us, but instead, this one is a engineering textbook.

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    It is filled with technical information and strength calculation, the technology evolution behind the old technology to the new one and potential technology outlook. I went through it for 5 minutes and I know there's no way to understand this book without a professor explaining everything. I gave up. So, if you are looking for marketing related book, it isn't what you want. But for the technical insights it offers, even though I don't understand a single formula it listed, I am sure it's quite profound.

    So far the content is quite good. I suspect that by the time I get to the end of the book I will be quite impressed. But, I am going crazy with this "English as a second language" grammar. The editor of this book ought to get into another line of work. This book is tedious to read with pointless punctuation, excessive passive voice and unnecessary words plugged-in all throughout the text.

    For example: page 19, "Since it is impossible to know what services that will be poplar and since service possibilities and offers will differ with time and possible also with country Yikes what does this mean exactly? Engineering books are not exactly "page-turners" and tend to be a little monotonous at best - that is the nature of the beast.

    But excessive use of passive voice makes the book exceptionally tiresome. For example: page 17, "In parallel to the technical development of the mobile devices, the mobile communication technologies are developed to meet the demands of the new services enabled". Versus something like this: Mobile communication technologies are developed in parallel with mobile device technologies to meet the demands of new services. At any rate these are a few samples of this tiresome writing style. Buyer beware Great educational guide From Amazon Read this book leisurely and there's quite a bit of info on the topic.

    Though I don't have a huge background in engineering, I do come from the sciences so can understand much of the technical portions. It is all laid out in a good easy to read style. While portions of this book are highly technical, to say the least, you are never far away from a practical explanation in down-to-earth terms from one of the authors.

    While this may not be considered a "page turner", it is very approachable when broken into individual chapters. You will likely find yourself re-reading many sections of the book to understand concepts that may have escaped your grasp earlier on, but everyone needs to learn at their own pace, and sometimes it is easier to set aside particular topics to come back to them later on. The individual chapters make learning in this fashion highly manageable, since they tend to stick pretty close to a specific subject.