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Du Maurier vs. Daphne du Maurier and didactics : the place of D. Du Maurier in college syllabuses; the stakes of studying D.

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Du Maurier's work today and the fields concerned literature, gender, film studies ; popular culture vs. Du Maurier, etc.

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Daphne Du Maurier and psychoanalysis : the double, duality and duplicity; incest; D. Du Maurier and Jung; D. Du Maurier and her father; D. Du Maurier and J.

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Barrie, etc. They are riddles and remain so, but how precisely they are observed. Few writers have watched and captured women with such conspicuous pleasure as du Maurier — the way they walk and wear coats and unscrew their earrings.

The way they pin up their hair and stub out their cigarettes; the way they call to their dogs, break horses, comfort children, deceive their husbands and coax plants from flinty soil. And here I am, only a silly sheltered girl in a dress, knowing nothing at all — but Nothing.

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But how far du Maurier ended up traveling, how deep she takes us into the strange cities and foreign lands within ourselves, into those emotions that stay coiled out of view — our envy and resentment. And what a great many things she knows: about the mystery of personality, about how terror and beauty can be inextricable, and the monstrous and the familiar.

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Do you see what I mean? Here are a few directions to continue your journey. Du Maurier at her gothic best. Du Maurier in fine Patricia Highsmith mode. The Enthusiast is an occasional column dedicated to the books we love to read and reread. Books In Praise of Daphne du Maurier.