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Defined and Explained. Some of the techniques followed by the bank regulatory authorities to control over the activities of commercial banks are;.

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A number of served client and quality dimensions of services are the basis of competition. The bank, which provides better service with high quality, is capable of being successful in competition. Two banks jointly create new services that provide the customers with a sustainable competitive advantage.

Piggy Bank Management

Why the new benefit or service that the bank offer is unique and different from that of the other organizations requires the commercial banks to participate in the multidimensional competitive environment. He started his career in with Mizuho Financial Group in Tokyo. Svoeuy Ponnakrath has more than 16 years of work experiences with international companies and financial institutions.

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He continued to drive the card business until he joined ANZ Royal in where he worked with the regional project team to rollout electronic banking regional agenda transforming and modernizing the banking landscape. He was later seconded to ANZ Laos for cards and electronic banking transformation.

Bank Management - Introduction

As the role of the financial services sectors — banking, insurance, building societies, hire purchase, franchising, consumer credit and general household financial services, etc. This applies especially to the banking sector, as it represents probably the most important financial sector, not just in terms of turnover, profits and employment, but also in its paramount impact on the other spheres of the economy.

For these reasons, in the last few years there has been a growing interest in applying marketing techniques and tools in the field of banking. This growing interest has generated a relatively large number of publications, mostly descriptive, mainly in the last four to five years.

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