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Paul, MN.

Minor Prophets: Amos - Ancient Message for a Modern World

This series first appeared in with A. Graema Auld's commentary on the Greek text of Joshua. The series breaks ground in Septuagintal studies by being the first commentary series in English specifically on the LXX texts the International Organization for Septuagint and Cognate Studies also has a series forthcoming [SBL Commentary on the Septuagint], albeit with a differently expressed method, purpose, and goal.

Beyond its original contribution, however, one will be hard- pressed to find an official statement from the editors on the impetus behind the publication of this series or its method and goal, either printed in the commentaries themselves or on Brill's website. Yet Glenny and other authors in this series make the method clear enough in their respective introductions for this review to report with relative clarity what the editors may have intended for the series. From the beginning, each commentary in this series has been based exclusive- ly on the text of Vaticanus B.

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For Glenny, this distinguishes the series in two ways. First, he notes that instead of appealing to a modern edition of the Septuagint a composite edition, presumably , this series is based on a single manuscript of the Greek OT.

Hebrew Bible/Old Testament Commentaries: Micah

Second, and more specifically, this series seeks to examine the Greek OT of Vaticanus as "an artifact in its own right and primarily for its own sake" p. According to Glenny, this enables an investigation of "[what] the text of Hosea [B] would have meant to an early Greek reader of it, who did not know Hebrew and possibly did not even have access to the Hebrew text of the book" p. Put negatively, the method of this series is expressly not concerned with the comparison of the MT and the LXX.

Nor is it concerned to discover any supposed Vorlage.