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Yvette Francino. Published: 11 Jan How to choose cross-platform mobile development tools Agile retrospective Ways to partially implement Agile and still get results Get the most out of continuous testing with Jenkins Load More View All. Are Agile and DevOps methodologies their own worst enemies? Coming from Agile A guide to software design thinking Want to see how Agile works in practice?

Here's an inside look State of Agile in ? Agile retrospective A comprehensive beginner's guide to DevOps for testers What skills do Agile testers need?

Agile ALM. Lightweight tools and Agile strategies MANNING MICHAEL HUTTERMANN. Shelter Island

A comprehensive beginner's guide to DevOps for testers The secret to Agile problem solving? Login Forgot your password? Forgot your password? No problem! Submit your e-mail address below. We'll send you an email containing your password. Your password has been sent to:.

Please create a username to comment. Agile and polyglot with Groovy. About the Technology Agile Application Lifecycle Management Agile ALM combines flexible processes with lightweight tools in a comprehensive and practical approach to building, testing, integrating, and deploying software.

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About the reader The tools and examples are Java-based, but the Agile ALM principles apply to all development platforms. Agile ALM combo added to cart. We'll charge your credit card for the purchase. Your book will ship via to:. Commercial Address.

You can read ePub files on your smartphone, tablet, eReader, or computer. Agile ALM eBook added to cart. Total: Prices displayed in rupees will be charged in USD when you check out. Don't refresh or navigate away from the page. Event Processing in Action. Opher Etzion and Peter Niblett. SOA Patterns. DSLs in Action.

Agile ALM: Lightweight tools and Agile strategies [Book]

Spring in Action, Fifth Edition. Craig Walls. Agile Metrics in Action How to measure and improve team performance. Christopher W. Davis Foreword by Olivier Gaudin.

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It looks like a great fun too Amazon Kindle Fire. These concerns are the concentrate of this Fathers Day messages publication.

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The publication provides all information you need to best wishes messages apply ALM in an Nimble atmosphere, in 1 place. I have got many useful information about Agile ALM from this blog. Actually I am searching for such type of blog to manage application life cycle with Java.