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Most times the places find us as if we are being led and sometimes pulled to exactly where we are meant to be.

Fully Alive

Today, perhaps you can make a promise to yourself to find the beauty in this world. It can be in the smile of a stranger or a newborn; in the early dawn of a new day; in the scent of a mindfully prepared meal; or in the embrace of a loved one. Marvel at life, be fully alive and awake in every moment and be willing to take the risks necessary to be completely in love with it. The Culture-ist is an online magazine that covers conscious travel, social good and holistic wellness. Skip to primary navigation Skip to content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to footer Tweet. Footer Search Search this website.

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According to Matt, Christians too often act as if the physical aspects of our lives are in opposition to our spiritual lives and are even an evil to escape. But nothing could be further from the truth. But the boundary between sacred and secular is fabricated.

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To be fully human is to take down that boundary and live our days in an integrated way on both a physical and spiritual level. In the Incarnation, Jesus perfectly married the human and divine aspects of humanity. And as redeemed children of God, Jesus calls us to enjoy this same integrated life. Now the question is, how do we experience this? Well, Matt believes the only path forward is found by paying attention to our desires.

It is, however, a much deeper engagement with Scripture and faith offering a practical theology of humanity that many of us have yet to experience. What if this is actually true?

Fully human, fully alive: A new life through a new vision

Understanding demands we take the idea of grace seriously. And to do that, we must contend with the reality and gravity of our sin.